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Countersuit Filed Against Antisemitic NY Public Defenders’ Union

Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (UAW 2325)

A New York public defenders’ union has become a hotbed of antisemitic rhetoric, in the months following October 7. Now, the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, has filed a complaint, accusing the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (UAW 2325) — thought to be the oldest union in the country — of …

American Jewry, antisemitism

Pro-Hamas Protesters Beat Up Frum Jews in LA

pro-hamas protesters beat up Jews at Shaarei Zedek Congregation, LA

A group of pro-Hamas rabble-rousers, showed up at the orthodox Shaarey Zedek Congregation and Hebrew school in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. A large group of pro-Israel demonstrators met the Hamas supporters head on and things got pretty rough. In the end, the LAPD arrived and broke up the fight, assigning the protest groups to …

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Nikki Haley, Israel, and Why She Won’t Win the Nomination

smiling nikki haley

Nikki Haley, during her tenure as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, demonstrated a strong commitment to Israel’s security and sovereignty. Her vocal support for Israel in international forums and her staunch defense of its right to self-defense earned her praise from many pro-Israel advocates. Additionally, Haley’s diplomatic approach often provided a more nuanced and …

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Why Does the World Hate Jews?

anti israel rally

October 7 and the Hamas attack on the Jews had extreme repercussions outside Israel, for Jews everywhere. In America, in Europe, on and off campus. Protests abound, often violent, and always annoying to those inconvenienced by them, for instance, when protesters take to the streets and block traffic. There is only so much that can …

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Antisemitism Once More Rears its Ugly Head in Georgia

antisemitic flyer

Antisemitism seems to be on the rise in Georgia, this time in Macon. On Sunday, residents of Beall Hill woke up to hate-filled pamphlets from the Goyim Defense League. It’s the third public expression of Jew-hatred this summer—two in June, and now this. As everyone knows by now, antisemitism is surging in America and it …

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Why Does the Left Embrace Islamist Leftists Embrace Islamist Positions?

Richard Landes with documentary film Pallywood

Richard Landes, chair of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) has just written a book, Can the “Whole World” Be Wrong? Lethal Journalism, Antisemitism, and Global Jihad. As per the title and premise of the book, it’s a good question. Why is it part of the left’s zeitgeist to throw in their lot …

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Orthodox Leaders, Community, Respond to NYT Chassidic Yeshivas Hit Piece

chassidishe boy learns alef bais

In response to what can only be called a highly antisemitic NY Times article on Chassidic yeshivas, many Jews are speaking out. Note that not all are religious—it’s just that they recognize antisemitism when they see it. The danger is real, with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party pushing a socialist, anti-religion agenda. It …

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Jews Across America Targeted by Antisemitic Letter Distribution

Goyim defense league flyers

Jews in many US locations found antisemitic flyers and letters in their driveways and on their doorsteps this week. The items are delivered at night, an unpleasant wakeup surprise for the Jewish recipients. Locations targeted in the past several months include Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Long Island, Nashville, and Redding, California. Many of the flyers read …

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Jewish Federation Applauds Security Bandaid for Shuls

security guards outside Ohel Menachem synagogue

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program has just received an infusion of $360m thanks to the US House Appropriations Subcommittee. This funding will help to keep synagogues and Jewish community centers safe by bolstering security. The money will go to fund security measures such as inspection and screening systems, fences, cameras, more secure doors, additional hiring …