American Jewry, antisemitism

Jews Across America Targeted by Antisemitic Letter Distribution

Goyim defense league flyers

Jews in many US locations found antisemitic flyers and letters in their driveways and on their doorsteps this week. The items are delivered at night, an unpleasant wakeup surprise for the Jewish recipients. Locations targeted in the past several months include Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Long Island, Nashville, and Redding, California.

Many of the flyers read “Every single aspect of gun control is Jewish.” The Long Island flyers had the logo of the Goyim Defense League affixed to them. The GDL is a white nationalist organization. The majority of the materials were packed in plastic bags and left in front of Jewish homes.

The GDL also made headlines in 2020, when leader Jon Minadeo put up signs over a Los Angeles overpass reading, “Honk if you know the Jews want a race war.”