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Senator Marsha Blackburn Offers Back-to-School Tips to Protect Children from Wokeness

Senator Marsha Blackburn R Tennessee official photo

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., has created a guide for parents as children head back to school. Why is such a guide needed? Speaking with Fox News, Blackburn said that students will be facing unusual challenges and that parents need to be ready to protect children not only from drugs and online predators, but from woke curricula.

Blackburn’s guide contains four sections: defend against dangerous drugs; watch out for woke policies; keep kids safe online; and prevent politically-motivated curricula such as critical race theory (CRT). Here are four of Blackburn’s best tips:

  1. Make sure your children understand that all drugs are dangerous drugs.
  2. Ask coaches and school administrators about what they’re doing to protect sports for biological girls.
  3. Access your child’s accounts and switch on the strictest privacy settings available.
  4. Learn about how to identify CRT-influenced curriculum across all subjects.