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Tlaib Demands Biden Pin Abu Akleh Shooting on IDF Soldier

rashida tlaib yelling pointing

President Biden arrives in Israel today. In the run up to the visit, various legislators have made demands on Biden in regard to sticking it to Israel. Now Rashida Tlaib has joined the clamor, stating that Biden must find an IDF soldier responsible for the shooting death of journalist Abu Akleh. Not that there is any proof that it was an IDF bullet responsible for the shooting. Not that there is any indication that even if it was, that it was intentional.

“During his upcoming meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, President Biden must obtain the names of the soldiers responsible for killing Shireen, along with that of their commanding officer, so that these individuals can be fully prosecuted for their crimes by the Department of Justice,” wrote Tlaib.

“When an American citizen is murdered abroad, it is typically standard procedure for the US to open a criminal investigation.”

Abu Akleh’s death was likely a “targeted assassination,” says Tlaib.

Um, no. Abu Akleh went straight into the middle of a gun battle in order to report the news. That’s the nature of a journalist’s job, and sometimes journalists die as a result.