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Biden Postpones Trip to Israel as Bennett’s Government Teeters

Biden on Phone in OVal Office while lifting weight

Biden’s impending trip to Israel has been postponed, as Bennett’s government threatens to topple from day to day and hour to hour. Long dreaded by Israel, the visit was to include a visit to an East Jerusalem hospital without an Israeli security detail, proof that the Biden Administration has broken with tradition by not recognizing Israeli hegemony over the Holy City. With Bennett’s government in a state of dissolution, however, there’s really no point in the American president making the trip. What point where there be in meeting with a powerless nobody like Bennett? Such a visit would make no statement at all.

Analysts believe the Bennett government could fall at any moment. The big question to be asked is if new elections could bring Netanyahu back to power. Many believe this could yet happen. No one should rule out King Bibi.