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NYPD: Antisemitic hate crimes up 92% in March

Brooklyn demo against antisemitism01052020

Antisemitic hate crimes were up a shocking 92% in March, compared to a year ago, based on statistics from the NYPD. Jews were targeted with hate crimes more than for any other sector. In March 2021, there were 12 reported incidences of antisemitic hate crimes in NYC. This past March, there were a total of 23 such incidents.

These numbers are in keeping with the upward trend for antisemitic incidents in New York over the past several months. In February, for example, there was a 400% increase in antisemitic crimes, compared to those occurring in February 2021, with 56 reports of such crimes this past February, compared to “just” 11 antisemitic incidents during February 2021.

January showed similar numbers with January 2022 numbering almost 300% more antisemitic incidents compared to a year earlier.