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Tufts University President to Fight Campus Antisemitism

Tufts University student reads legend

Tufts University President Tony Monaco says the school will be fighting antisemitism on campus. Monaco announced the new plan in a letter sent to staff, faculty, and students on Thursday. The effort comes after 40 focus groups made up of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and trustees weighed in, along with conducting a survey of the entire campus.

This effort is so welcome and applauded. It is difficult to express how grateful we are for Monaco setting such an important example for other campuses in the US. Antisemitism on campus is one of the biggest problems faced by American Jewry, today. “This work was guided by our collective belief that anti-Semitism, discrimination and harassment of any form should not be tolerated at Tufts and our commitment to ensure that all members of our community can express their religious and cultural identity free from fear, discrimination or prejudice,” wrote Monaco, in his letter.