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Tisha B’Av Zoom Service Hacked by Antisemites

Antisemitic Zoom Bombing Screenshot Dallas Tisha B'av 2020

Tisha B’Av is the time we mourn the destruction of our holy Temples. That didn’t stop antisemites from hacking into a Zoom service to share threatening messages such as “Kill all Jews” and “Bomb Israel.” Zoom-bombing has become a favorite pastime of antisemites, who prey on virtual Jewish events and services.

This time, it was a joint service held by synagogues in the Dallas, Texas area, who got treated to the horrific comments during the important fast day. It was the saddest day of the year made just that much sadder for the attack on regular Jewish people observing their holiday. Perhaps it was a taste of suffering made real. So there’s that. Which doesn’t make it right.