Author: Eliyahu Mintz

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Settler Violence is Largely a Myth, Joe

Arabs stone Jewish settler cars

President Biden has been lambasting Israel about the need to tamp down settler violence against Arabs. But there is no comparison between Arab violence and settler violence. A editorial in the Jerusalem Post, points this out by comparing the number of incidents emanating from either side, and the difference in attitude in these two populations: …

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Car Dealers are Worried about Biden and His EV Mandate

Joe Biden May 2023

Car dealers are concerned that Biden’s electric vehicle (EV) mandate could negatively impact their sales. They have sent a letter urging him to reconsider the requirement of having two-thirds of new cars be EVs by 2032. They argue that the current slump in EV sales is hurting their business. These local car dealers hold significant …

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Is Hamas keeping women and children hostage to keep them from talking?

Women hold signs of Oct 7 hostages

Is Hamas keeping women and children hostage to keep them from talking? State Department spokesman Mathew Miller suggests that this is exactly the case: “The fact that they continue to hold women hostages, the fact that they continue to hold children hostages, the fact that it seems one of the reasons they don’t want to …

Israel, Massacres and Disasters

Hostage Release: Israelis Waver Between Joy and Concern

Hostage reunited with family

With 39 hostages released as part of a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas, Israelis waver between joy and concern. Joy because the release of hostages comes as a relief, especially in regard to small children, many of whom saw their parents murdered on that fateful October day. With 39 hostages released as part of …

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Rising Antisemitism in the Wake of October 7th


On October 7th, Hamas terrorists crossed into Israel and massacred 1,400 men, women, and children in the largest attack since the Holocaust. Roughly 240 civilians were taken to Gaza, and with the exception of 5 captives, remain in captivity. Since that time, a tide of antisemitism has swept the world. Jewish people are living in …

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Antisemitism Once More Rears its Ugly Head in Georgia

antisemitic flyer

Antisemitism seems to be on the rise in Georgia, this time in Macon. On Sunday, residents of Beall Hill woke up to hate-filled pamphlets from the Goyim Defense League. It’s the third public expression of Jew-hatred this summer—two in June, and now this. As everyone knows by now, antisemitism is surging in America and it …

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Protests Against Israeli Judicial Reform Enter 10th Week

Israeli protest against judicial reform

Israelis protested against judicial reform on Saturday night. The reform is meant to curb overreach, as justices are by law, allowed to overturn any government decision they don’t like. Israel now has a right-wing government and the court is packed with left-wing justices. When the court overrules the decisions of this government, they are subverting …

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U Chicago Academics Call for Halt to “In-Person” Protest of IDF Veteran’s Class

students for justice in palestine protest

More than 100 academics from across the United States have signed a letter asking the University of Chicago to stop the in-person, disruptive protest by Students for Justice in Palestine against a class taught by retired Israeli Defense Forces General Meir Elran. The contretemps began at the beginning of February, when SJP members tried to …