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Rising Antisemitism in the Wake of October 7th


On October 7th, Hamas terrorists crossed into Israel and massacred 1,400 men, women, and children in the largest attack since the Holocaust. Roughly 240 civilians were taken to Gaza, and with the exception of 5 captives, remain in captivity. Since that time, a tide of antisemitism has swept the world.

Jewish people are living in fear, their safety and well-being compromised. It is disheartening to see this rise in antisemitism following the horrific attack on October 7th. The world should come together to condemn the actions of Hamas and support Israel in its fight against terrorism.

Instead, there is a disturbing trend of blaming Israel and accusing them of genocide. This false narrative has only fueled the hostility towards Jewish communities around the globe. Synagogues and businesses have been targeted, and individuals have faced both verbal and physical assaults. Universities and rallies have become platforms for attacking Jews, and even academics are contributing to the problem. This atmosphere of fear is compromising the safety and well-being of Jewish people.