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Settler Violence is Largely a Myth, Joe

Arabs stone Jewish settler cars

President Biden has been lambasting Israel about the need to tamp down settler violence against Arabs. But there is no comparison between Arab violence and settler violence. A editorial in the Jerusalem Post, points this out by comparing the number of incidents emanating from either side, and the difference in attitude in these two populations:

There is no comparison between the level of Palestinian-perpetrated violence in Judea and Samaria and that carried out by Jews there. None whatsoever. Not even close. To suggest otherwise not only betrays the truth but also creates a perverted moral equivalence, as if to say, “Yes, there are bad Palestinians – Hamas terrorists – but there are also bad Jews. Just look at those extremist Jewish settlers.”

Does President Biden truly believe that settler violence against “Palestinians” is out of control? Or is he merely pandering to the left-wing of his party and constituency? One thing we know for sure: Joe Biden doesn’t like Israel and hates Bibi.