Al Jazeera Lied: No Lawsuit has been Filed at the ICC Against Israel


The other day, the news was abuzz with the story: Al Jazeera claimed it had filed a lawsuit against Israel at the ICC. To be specific, the news outlet said it was taking the IDF to court for killing Shireen Abu Akleh. Reuters reported the story. Everyone did. The problem is, it’s not true. Popular Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon explains that the ICC doesn’t accept lawsuits—it only prosecutes a very specific handful of war crimes—which doesn’t cover the Abu Akleh situation, at all.

So what exactly happened? Al Jazeera sent a letter to the prosecutor. They even flew a bunch of people to the Hague, to deliver the letter in person. But there really is nothing else to the story, which Elder of Ziyon quite rightly calls “fake news.”