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Ayman Odeh Proves that Israel is Not an Apartheid State


Joint List MK Ayman Odeh refused to be photographed in front of a stand of Israeli flags and the Israeli Menorah symbol. All the MKs were having their photos taken as they  arrived for the swearing in ceremony for the 25th Knesset, for later use next to their bios on the Knesset website. Not only was Odeh not cuffed and taken to jail for his treasonous behavior, but those watching on, including the photographers, laughed.

Now, if Israel were an Apartheid state, wouldn’t this Arab MK at the very least have been imprisoned for this insult to Israeli sovereignty? In PA territory, Gaza, or Iran, he would have been tortured and hung. That’s how they let the people know they have no rights, that’s it’s not a democracy, that if you don’t do what they like, they will hurt you and your families. Yet, here is an Arab who was allowed to run for office in Israel, who has been an MK for years, who pretty much spits on Israel, and the only thing that happens is that bystanders laugh.