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Foreign Minister Revokes Australian Recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.

Penny Wong press release reversal of recognition of west jerusalem

Australia Foreign Minister Penny Wong released a statement to the press yesterday, revoking recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The press release, entitled Reversal of recognition of West Jerusalem, states, “Today the Government has reaffirmed Australia’s previous and longstanding position that Jerusalem is a final status issue that should be resolved as part of any peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian people. This reverses the Morrison Government’s recognition of West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Australia’s embassy has always been, and remains, in Tel Aviv.”

As a true friend of Israel, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December 2018. Unfortunately, he never committed to moving the embassy, still situated in Tel Aviv, today. Wong’s press release suggests support for Jerusalem as the capital of a future Arab state. “Australia is committed to a two-state solution in which Israel and a future Palestinian state coexist, in peace and security, within internationally recognized borders. We will not support an approach that undermines this prospect.”