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First Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates Injected

health worker prepares injection

Israeli vaccine trials have begun, with the first Israeli participants having received their injections against the novel coronavirus. One patient was injected at Hadassah Ein Kerem, the other at Sheba Medical Center. Anar Ottolenghi, 34, who received his injection at Hadassah, is an immunology student at Ben-Gurion University. The other participant is Segev Harel, 26.

Harel, who was interviewed by Ynet a week earlier, said he decided to participate because, “there is a global pandemic that is disabling life and I have a chance to help. I am a young and healthy guy and I think [people like me] need to help, so we can get over this. If that’s the least I can give to get rid of this virus, then why not?”