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Israel to Begin Human Trials for Coronavirus Vaccine

bottle of COVID-19 vaccine

Most of us have come to grips with the idea that the coronavirus pandemic is not going away any time soon. Also, it will be a good while before we have a useable, safe vaccine. But Israel is nonetheless going into human trials for its COVID-19 vaccine Brilife, on November 1.

Phase one of the trial begins with just 2 volunteers. If they do okay, then 40 people each from the two major hospitals running the trial. Some of these participants will be getting a placebo. If these people do well over the course of 3 weeks, phase II will kick in with testing on 960 healthy people over the age of 18. Phase III tests 30,000 volunteers and is expected to begin in April of May. Once all that goes well (God willing), the vaccine can move toward final approval and the vaccination of the general public.