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Israel: How to Quarantine Under Rocket Fire

rocket fire from gaza into civilian israel

You think you’ve got it bad? In Israel, not only is there coronavirus, but rocket fire, too. This past Friday night, while people were eating their Sabbath meals, Hamas terrorists in Gaza shot rockets into Southern Israel. But what are you supposed to do about taking shelter from rockets if you’re in quarantine because of contact with a person infected with COVID-19?

Newer homes are built with one room that can double as a shelter from rockets and bombs, but older buildings, not so much. There, people are forced to run to a community shelter. In that case, it’s a problem to be in contact with someone who is in quarantine after being around an infected person. The Israeli authorities offered this advice:

Find the closest shelter, if possible, one that is isolated. If no such shelter is available, the person in quarantine should wear a mask and move as far away as possible from other people in the shelter. There should be no physical contact with others, and the person in quarantine should face away from the others. If there is a plastic chair, the person in quarantine should remain seated there. After the all-clear, the chair should be cleaned with chlorine bleach.