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Israel Suspending Demolition of Illegal Building During COVID-19

Illegal EU building in Israel Area C

Israel is suspending the demolition of illegal EU building for Arabs in Area C for the duration of the coronavirus lockdown because of pressure from far-left “human rights” groups like B’Tselem. No doubt Israeli resources, such as the IDF, are under strain right now, so maybe it’s one less headache for them. On the other hand, the duty of Israeli soldiers is to protect the people and the land.

If the structures aren’t destroyed, and continue to be built on Jewish land, they will be creating facts on the ground for use in public platforms such as the UN. That’s why demolitions should continue, even during an epidemic.

On the other hand, if resources don’t go to saving the people, there will be no one left to live on the land, which will make the land a moot point.