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“Uncle” Bernie Sanders is “Uncle Joe” Stalin all over again

Bernie Sanders

In World War II, the United States used propaganda to create the impression that communist Russia was a friend, going so far as to call Joseph Stalin “Uncle Joe.” Listening to Rashida Tlaib call Bernie Sanders “Amo Bernie,” reminds us that propaganda is still alive and well, and used today to make socialism palatable to the masses. Tlaib says “Amo” is Arabic for “uncle.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, meanwhile, referred to Sanders as “Tio Bernie,” with “tio” being Spanish for “uncle.”

Uncle Joe, Uncle Bernie, same diff. They represent similarly bad and repressive political systems dressed up as warm and friendly instead of evil that must be contained before it gets out of hand and kills people. It’s come to the point that if a politician is referred to as “uncle,” you just know he’s trouble to avoid at all costs. Sanders is no exception.

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