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President of Austrian Jewish Community Attacked with Baseball Bat

defaced synagogue, Graz, Austria

Elie Rosen, president of the small Jewish community of Graz, Austria was attacked by an unknown assailant with a baseball bat, on Saturday. It happened right as Rosen was stepping out of his car. Rosen hastened to return to his vehicle, whereupon his attacker beat the car with the bat and finally, fled.

After the attack, the local Graz government provided personal security for Rosen and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz expressed shock over the attack, according to Austrian news outlet ORF. The Graz Synagogue had already been attacked twice over the past week. The Wednesday before Rosen was attacked, antisemitic graffiti calling to “Free Palestine” was painted on the synagogue, an expression which calls for the elimination of the Jewish State. “In Graz, we are dealing with a stronger left wing and anti-Israel antisemitism,” said Rosen. “We can clearly determine that.”