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Intersectionality Means Antisemitic Graffiti on Synagogues During Protests

LA Congregation Beth Israel defaced with antisemitic graffiti during George Floyd protests

What does the killing of George Floyd and subsequent protests mean for the Jews? Antisemitic graffiti on synagogues and the ransacking and damaging of kosher stores, restaurants, and bakeries. Elan Carr, America’s envoy for monitoring and combatting antisemitism, tweeted photos of the graffiti, thanking the community for the cleanup effort at Congregation Beth Israel in Los Angeles.

“I just visited Congregation Beth Israel, the scene of last night’s appalling vandalism. This graffiti is yet more evidence that anti-#Zionism is #Antisemitism,” tweeted Carr. “Thank you to the many community volunteers whose kindness in the face of hatred restored the synagogue.”

There is absolutely no connection between the Jews and Israel and the murder of George Floyd. But as always, someone will blame the Jews and Israel, no matter the event. This is a sad fact of life.