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Tlaib Tweets About the Holocaust Without Mentioning Jews

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

On the eve of last week’s Yom HaShoah, the day that Israel memorializes Jews murdered in the Holocaust, notorious antisemite, Rashida Tlaib, the congresswoman from Detroit, tweeted a photo of a memorial candle, with a message that pretends to feel bad about the Holocaust while never mentioning the word “Jew.”

This #HolocaustRemembranceDay—and every day—we pay tribute to the millions of lives lost and forever changed in one of the most horrific chapters of our world’s history. May we honor them by fighting to ensure hate and bigotry #neveragain prevail. #YomHaShoah

This reminded me of the time Obama went to Buchenwald, and also couldn’t seem to find the word “Jew” while making his speech, except for a single instance, when he spoke of Jews fasting on Yom Kippur as an example of “courage and kindness” (rather than as an example of belief). And he never mentioned the 6 million.

How does a statesman visit a concentration camp without mentioning the 6 million? The same way a congresswoman speaks about Yom HaShoah without mentioning the word “Jew.”