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Viral Eyebrow Raising by Orthodox Jew during Corbyn Concession Speech

Yosef David raises eyebrow during Corbyn's concession speech at Islington

Brexit Candidate Yosef David is now famous for his hilariously raised eyebrow during Corbyn’s concession speech at Islington, the video of which has gone viral. The involuntary facial response occurred when failed candidate Corbyn, a notorious antisemite, said he was proud that while Labour lost the election, the party’s campaign did not descend into the gutter. David not only raised an eyebrow, but offered a mirthless, ironic laugh and seemed to be mouthing words along the lines of, “Oh, c’mon now,” and shaking his head.

Speaking to the Jerusalem Post, David posited lack of sleep as the reason for his unrehearsed gut reaction to Corbyn’s speech. “I was absolutely determined not to do some kind of stunt,” said David. “I wanted to be respectful. The eyebrow raise was my honest reaction. It was 2:30 a.m., I’d had lots of coffee, no sleep, and it just seemed a ridiculous thing to say.”