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Under Israeli Law, Bibi Barred From Indictment

Trump and Netanyahu

The U.S. impeachment hearings are seemingly echoed by Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblitt’s announcement that he intends to indict Netanyahu. In both countries, there are cries that the proceedings are based on the desire to unseat a leader, rather than on any real wrongdoing. Caroline Glick, right-wing Israeli columnist, says Mandelblitt actually cannot indict Netanyahu, according to Israeli law:
“According to Israel’s Immunity Law, before submitting an indictment of a prime minister or member of Knesset to a court, the attorney general must first submit it to the Knesset’s House Committee. The House Committee is charged with deciding whether or not to grant immunity to officeholders pending indictment.

“There is currently no House Committee. It cannot be convened until after a government is formed. So under the law, Mendelblit is barred from indicting Netanyahu.”

This is an important point of law that suggests cries of Israeli Supreme Court interference in Israeli politics are at least somewhat based on the truth, as the Supreme Court is acting in a manner that is extralegal. Similarly, President Trump has claimed that Democrats are conducting the impeachment inquiry without due process. The parallels are striking.

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