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Trump Calls Off the Wedding to Iran

Trump giving a speech

Well, it happened. Trump bowed out of the JCPOA, and judging from my Google news feed, the world is furious. Page after page of headlines describing the move as a disaster, a type of war-mongering, and worse. One would think that at least the Israelis were happy, but not if you take your news from Google. The only two Israeli media outlets represented in the first two pages of feed for this story are Haaretz and the Times of Israel, two far left publications that many accuse of subversion of the state.

If you smart enough to dig deeper, you’ll see the joy of pro-Israel and Israeli Jews at this fabulous news by going to the Jewish Press, the Algemeiner, the Jewish Press, or Israel National News. In the Algemeiner, in particular, you can read the talking points you need when discussing this subject with Democrats, courtesy of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:
“The removal of sanctions under the deal has already produced disastrous results,” said the PM. “The deal didn’t push war further away, it actually brought it closer. The deal didn’t reduce Iran’s aggression, it dramatically increased it, and we see this across the entire Middle East.

“Since the deal, we’ve seen Iran’s aggression grow every day — in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Yemen, in Gaza, and most of all, in Syria, where Iran is trying to establish military bases from which to attack Israel,” remarked the prime minister.

Just as Ben Rhodes echo chamber knows what to say, now you know what to say. The difference is, you’re being truthful. May peace reign on earth.

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