Israel, Massacres and Disasters, terror

The October 7th Psychological War

Kibbutz Beeri after October 7

Since October 7, Israelis have been conscious that war is fought not only in Gaza, with weapons but by Hamas undermining the psyche of the Israeli public with images and stories of the atrocities it committed and continues to commit. This psychological war aims to instill fear and anxiety among Israeli citizens and to create a sense of insecurity and vulnerability in Israeli society, at large.

For this reason, Israelis have been advised by the IDF to avoid news stories that detail Hamas human rights violations and atrocities. The Israeli people have to fight this war and win, and then and only then, take a closer look at the dastardly deeds of the evil Jew-haters known as Hamas. We need to know what happened, but the nitty-gritty details can wait until we obliterate the perpetrators.