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Antisemitic Graffiti in Spain on Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation

Antisemitic graffiti on a cultural center in Madrid, January 2020

Spain is no exception to the rise in antisemitic attacks, which continues unabated in both Europe and the United States. Now a cultural center located in Madrid, has been vandalized with graffiti that reads “I command you to kill Jews” and “Free Palestine, kill a Jew.” Each of these two cases of antisemitic graffiti were accompanied by spray painted swastikas and had swastikas spray painted next to them. The “Free Palestine” graffiti includes the abbreviation SS, in yet another reference to Nazi Germany.

Yoav Katz, who serves as Israeli embassy spokesman in Spain, tweeted photos of the incident on January 19, noting that the antisemitic graffiti appeared just days before the historic 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

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