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Disturbing PBS Lies

Swastika flag raised at weekly Gaza protests

According to CAMERA Senior Media Analyst Ricki Hollander, PBS Newshour is once again spreading anti-Israel propaganda, claiming that the IDF uses exploding bullets to quell protests. An article by Jane Ferguson, “Gazans suffer life-shattering injuries when border protests turn violent” says nothing about the violent nature of the weekly protests and how Hamas deliberately brings children to the border, hoping they will be killed so the media can blame Israel, as Ferguson does here. But here we have the suggestion that Israel deliberately uses a type of ammunition to cause maximum damage to limbs.

Ferguson interviews a Gaza doctor who claims the proof that the IDF uses these bullets is that the exit wounds are larger than the entry wounds. But this is nonsense, as any forensics expert would be able to tell you. Exit wounds are always larger than entry wounds.

So much for big, bad, Israel. Maybe Ferguson should be pointing her finger at Hamas?