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Burnt By Terror Kites: Where are the Nature Lovers?

Beeri Crater Reserve Burnt by terror kites from Gaza

The news is full of the so-called innocent protesters at the border between Gaza and Israel, and how many of them have been killed by IDF soldiers. The fact that they’re terrorists waving flags emblazoned with swastikas, or that they’re throwing boulders at soldiers goes unmentioned. Also unmentioned is the terror by kite we’ve seen of late, in which incendiary kites are sent into Israel to burn crops, nature reserves, and property. The pollution and destruction are obscene.

So why is it that you hear nothing from nature lovers about this wanton destruction of the earth’s ecosystem?

Could it be that anything that would draw sympathy to Israel is being suppressed by news outlets? Could the reason for that be antisemitism??

Here is what Beeri Crater Reserve looked like before the kites.

Red anemones in Beeri Forest (photo Michael Huri, for KKL)


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