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Saying Goodbye to Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard might have been saved, had he been allowed to have the experimental treatment in the United States for which his parents raised the funds. By the time all the strings had been pulled to make it happen, it was, however, too late. Charlie’s parents are now ready to drop their legal battle. They’ve …

US Politics

Mean Tweets: When Did Being Mean Become a Thing?

Mean Tweets

Politics have always been divisive. That’s why people make a habit of not discussing politics at, for instance, dinner parties. It’s just rude. Because it inevitably makes people argue. But social media has multiplied the rude and divisive factor by a factor of about a gazillion. If you’re a celebrity of any type, and you’ve …

World Politics

Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die

All of the news sites are carrying the story of the UK parents who have been prevented from taking their baby to the States for an experimental treatment that could, perhaps, save his life. Charlie Gard has a genetic disease so rare there are only 16 cases worldwide. He’s got progressive muscle weakness and extensive …

Israeli Politics

Fantasy Island Moves to Gaza

Yisrael Katz

Yisrael Katz, who is both Minister of Transportation and Minister of Intelligence in the Israeli Knesset, has been, um, floating the idea, for quite awhile now, of creating an artificial island off of the Gaza coast, so that the people of Gaza could have a way around the legal Israeli maritime blockade. With such an island, …

US Politics

Israel’s Plausible Deniability on Syrian Support

The Wall Street Journal carried a piece that quoted Syrian rebels saying they couldn’t have survived without Israel’s assistance. Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu immediately denied the report. Seriously? Why would Israel want to be on record as taking sides in this mess?? Netanyahu agreed only to giving humanitarian support such as medical care, food, …

Israeli Politics

Consider the Source


Back in February, Muslims raised more than $91,000 to fix up a desecrated Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia. That effort remains controversial, spearheaded as it was by Linda Sarsour. Some say Sarsour wanted to cover for her open denunciation of Zionists. Now a senior PA official, who asked to remain anonymous, after treatment at Haifa’s Rambam Health …

US Politics

Supreme Court Tug O’ War

Ayelet Shaked

The United States and Israel share many common issues, because both countries are democracies. One such issue is the struggle to see who will control the Supreme Court, the liberal left, or conservatives. Israeli Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, would like to change the makeup of the Israeli high court to include more right wing …

Israeli Politics

Is Israel the Root of the Arab Israeli Conflict?

Many people feel that the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 led to the current impasse between Arabs and Jews. There is a point of view that Arab terror derives from legitimate frustration at how things have played out for the Arab people since the founding of the Jewish State. This theory only …