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Bombshell Report on Russian Bribery and the Clinton Foundation

Trump used the Russian bribes of the Clinton Foundation during the election and Hillary claimed ignorance. But a new report from The Hill, suggests otherwise. Here’s a pull quote but do read the whole thing, it’s fascinating: The Obama administration’s decision to approve Rosatom’s purchase of Uranium One has been a source of political controversy …

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Terror Paid for By Your Tax Dollars

A Jerusalem Post article tells us that Iran has upped its funding of the terror group Hezbollah from $200m to $830m. Quite a jump! The article explains this is due to the lifting of sanctions as part of the JCPOA. Even now, everyone mouths what they were told to think regarding Obama and the JCPOA: …

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Conan O’Brien in Israel

Conan O'Brien in Israel

Comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien is in Israel. I’m leaving America during this divisive time for the relative peace and quiet of the Middle East. #ConanIsrael — Conan O’Brien (@ConanOBrien) August 17, 2017 He’s trying to give equal time to all. Conan, it was a pleasure hosting you at our house. You’re …

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Charlottesville’s Hushed Antisemitism

You wouldn’t know that what happened in Charlottesville had anything to do with Jew-hate. You had celebrities desperately trying not to talk about that. Actress Olivia Wilde shared her thoughts on the subject, her mom being a candidate for the House of Representatives. There was stuff about Nazism and Blacks and the Alt Right but …

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An Israeli Perspective on McMasters Purge

It’s always a little startling and certainly interesting to see American politics through the lens of the outsider. Caroline Glick, a native Chicagoan, and journalist who picked up and moved to Israel some years ago, gave her opinion of “McMaster’s purge of Trump loyalists” on August 3. Several news outlets have picked up the story and …

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Saying Goodbye to Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard might have been saved, had he been allowed to have the experimental treatment in the United States for which his parents raised the funds. By the time all the strings had been pulled to make it happen, it was, however, too late. Charlie’s parents are now ready to drop their legal battle. They’ve …

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Mean Tweets: When Did Being Mean Become a Thing?

Mean Tweets

Politics have always been divisive. That’s why people make a habit of not discussing politics at, for instance, dinner parties. It’s just rude. Because it inevitably makes people argue. But social media has multiplied the rude and divisive factor by a factor of about a gazillion. If you’re a celebrity of any type, and you’ve …