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Booker Won’t Rule Out Meeting With Farrakhan

Corey Booker Louis Farrakhan

At a recent faith breakfast in South Carolina, in response to a question, Corey Booker (D., N.J.) failed to either repudiate Louis Farrakhan’s antisemitism, or say he would not meet with him. On the contrary, Booker’s statement showed he was familiar with Farrakhan’s ideology and would never rule out meeting him. There are a few ways of interpreting Booker’s words:

  1. Booker knows and agrees with Farrakhan’s antisemitic views
  2. Booker is only pandering to his electorate and says whatever they want to hear and doesn’t really agree with Farrakhan
  3. Booker is weak: not strong enough to take an ideological position and actually stick to it

In any event, there is no way to either support Booker’s stance or his candidacy as Democratic presidential nominee for 2020. Do we want someone like this in the White House?

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