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How to Interpret Ilhan Omar Joining the Black-Jewish Caucus

ilhan omar

It was difficult to interpret the meaning of the antisemitic congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, joining the newly formed black-Jewish caucus. Did she turn over a new leaf? Or did she do it in order to remove the stain of antisemitism that clings to her name by proving that she could work together with Jews? Perhaps, on the other hand, she joined the caucus to prove that antisemitism is like every other bigotry or prejudice—to show that it’s not really special, and requires no special efforts to combat it.

Considering the watered down Democratic resolution against antisemitism that was issued in the wake of Omar’s “All about the Benjamins, Baby,” comment, and that lumped in everything imaginable with antisemitism, I’m thinking it’s the latter.

Kind of difficult to see it in any other light. Of course, going forward, what happens with this caucus ought to show whether I’m right or wrong.

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