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When Dayton Brought Down the KKK

Black panthers protest against KKK in Dayton May 25

Everyone—literally the entire nation—was freaking out about a KKK march in Dayton, scheduled for May 25th. But in the end, only nine KKK people showed up, with an estimated 500-600 protesters showing up to protest against the protesters. Which would be awesome, except the larger number included some people arguably worse than the KKK, for instance members of Antifa and the Black Panthers.

From a PJ Media article:

“Violent protesters identifying as anti-fascist or “Antifa” have harassed various people across the country, demonizing conservatives and particularly those who support President Donald Trump. Activists have bashed people in the head with bike locks, hit their own political allies in the back of the head during protests, and even launched a plot to buy guns from a Mexican cartel to “stage an armed rebellion” at the border, according to an FBI investigation.”

Of the Black Panthers, Wikipedia says:

[Some] commentators have described the Party as more criminal than political, characterized by “defiant posturing over substance”.

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