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Rashida Tlaib’s Own Father Calls Her a Liar

Rashida Tlaib

By now, the antisemitism of several junior congresswomen is blatantly apparent to all but the most obtuse. But what to do about it?

One thing to do is continue to tell the world the truth about these women and their lack of integrity.

A recent newspaper article in The Detroit News, for instance, quotes Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI) father Harbi Elabed, who says Tlaib lied “big-time to get elected” by falsifying her address on an election affidavit. Tlaib claimed she lived in Detroit, in her father’s home, when she was actually living in Dearborn, at the time. 

“She lied,” Elabed said. “She lied big-time to get elected. I never teach her that way. I teach her the right way. It’s my house. She didn’t live there. She lived in Dearborn in her house with her husband and boy.”

The Detroit News continued: “Dearborn is not a part of the 12th House District that Tlaib was elected to represent.”

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