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UNRWA Needs Israel to Rescue Employees

UNRWA school, Jerusalem

UNRWA, the bloated organization that teaches young Arab children to hate Israel and perpetuates the Arab refugee crisis is now under siege by Gazan Arabs upset by budget cuts. This is after President Trump decided to cut funding to the organization, in light of revelations by the State Department regarding the actual number of refugees there are, in comparison with the number of refugees UNRWA claims to serve. As a result, a number of employees were threatened by protesters and had to be evacuated from Gaza to Israel.

COGAT, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, issued the following statement:

“A number of foreign UNRWA employees have been evacuated from the Gaza Strip to Israel. This is due to the tensions as a result of the financial crisis UNRWA is facing and subsequent concern for the safety of its foreign staff,” stressed the statement.

“The Hamas terrorist organization did not protect the agency’s staff from the violence directed against them.”

This is an entity ready for statehood??

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