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Subsidizing Terror Since 1965

Taylor Force

With the United States implementing its refusal to subsidize the Palestinian Authority’s Pay to Slay program, in which jailed terrorists and their families receive highly coveted government pensions, PA President Mahmoud Abbas is doubling down, insisting the PA will continue to pay these “salaries.” “We won’t allow anyone to interfere with the money [that is paid to the prisoners and families of “martyrs],” stressed Abbas. “They are our martyrs and prisoners and the injured and we will continue to pay them. We started the payments in 1965.”

That’s a shocking statement which, with some interpretation, means the world has been subsidizing the murder of Israeli Jews for over half a century. Why did it take so long to get to the beginning of the end of these subsidies? The answer: a non-Jewish American, Taylor Force, was killed by accident, finally drawing some official attention to the matter.

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