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Shuva Malka: Why Do Terrorists Target Beautiful Jewish Girls?

Israeli terror victim Shuva Malka with her mother

Shuva Malka is not just a beautiful 18-year-old girl, but one who has light emanating from her face. The prototype of saiva panim yafot, an untranslatable expression that describes a special countenance, a special soul. You watch the video of her expressing her gratitude to all who helped her in the wake of the terror attack in which she was stabbed 9 times on the way to a matriculation exam and you think: It’s daughters of Israel like this that assure the continuance of the Jewish people.

Is it her special light that made that young man want to kill her? In attacking Shuva Malka was he attempting to extinguish the Jewish people? Or simply expressing jealousy of a finer people? Why hate beauty and goodness?

And isn’t it cowardly for an able-bodied young man to attack a defenseless young girl?

Really sick (and sickening).

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