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Netanyahu Speaks Truth to Power

Benjamin and Sarah Netanyahu visit Jerusalem exhibit at the United Nations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in the United States for the AIPAC convention, stopped by to visit the Jerusalem exhibit currently on display at the UN. While there, Netanyahu made the most awesome statement, calling out the UN for its lies and hypocrisy. “There is a long history that is being cherished by us and by the friends of the Jewish people and the friends of truth and is being denied by those who seek to erase the history of our people, our connection to our land and our connection to our eternal capital, Jerusalem.

“What this exhibit does is put the truth forward. And I saw a sign right at the entrance there. It says: ‘This doesn’t represent the United Nations‘. I have two comments on that. The first is: Of course it doesn’t represent the United Nations, it represents the truth. And we’ll continue to tell the truth and speak the truth everywhere, including in the United Nations,” said Netanyahu.

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