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Get it Straight: An Iranian Drone Violated Israel’s Airspace

Iranian UAV enters Israeli airspace

You’d never know it from reading the news, but when Israel carried out extensive airstrikes in Syria, it wasn’t just reacting to the fact that one of its F-16 fighter jets was brought down. It was reacting to the fact that an Iranian drone, coming out of Syria, violated Israel’s sovereignty by illegally entering Israeli air space.

The reader doesn’t get this information when reading the coverage of this event in the Washington Post or on CNN. When these outlets do mention the actual facts, they couch them in speculative language “Israelis say an Iranian drone entered its airspace.”

Why don’t we receive the truth when it comes to Israel? Is it because the mainstream media has decided that any state actor can do as it wishes to Israel and it’s Israel’s own fault because everything is always the fault of the Jews? And if that’s not the reason we’re kept in the dark, then what is??

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