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Arab Aid to Gaza: Lip Service

Map of OAPEC member states

In the wake of President Trump’s massive cuts in aid to UNRWA, about a third of the bloated agency’s budget, some $65m, the Palestinian Authority has called on the 22, mostly oil-rich Arab nations that make up the Arab League, to chip in to make up the deficit in funds. Even if these countries agree, however, getting to follow through may be problematic.

Arabs tend to pledge big-time, which makes for splashy headlines, but then only pay out between 20% and 25% of the money originally pledged. This is where Americans would be wise to dig deeper than what the mainstream media tells them. We may see some mighty big promises from countries that can well afford to help their brethren. But we should wait and watch for proof of the carry-through before lauding such “humanitarian” (non)efforts.

Like or hate President Trump, it makes sense to cut aid from entities that diss the U.S., especially when their own people might assume the burden, but don’t.

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